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Material tests and production control


HESSE increases the high account of quality requirements of its reputed clients through careful quality control. Raw material before the profiling process is subjected to careful initial control. We have a modern control machine for determining the mechanical characteristics. The materials used meet the reasonable product requirements when it comes to components.


Besides a precise treatment by high-grade devices, a good quality is guaranteed at the same time. During production, product inspection takes place and after the manufacture a control is conducted in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 to ensure that all the desired requirements of the profile correspond to the wishes of the customer.


Electronic data processing


Storage, order processing and precise production is closely monitored by means of modern data processing system. Therefore, Hesse company is highly precise when it comes to timely progress of orders and required production criteria.


Scope of production

  • tape width: 15 - 500 mm

  • material thickness: 0,5 - 4,0 mm

  • max profile width: 350 mm

  • max profile height: 100 mm

  • max profile length: 15 000 mm

Machine park

  • 15 profiling lines

  • 7 processing centres

Quality means for us

  • careful production and quality control

  • using materials from reputable factories



Hesse Poland draws its knowledge of steel profiling based on 10 years of own experience and over 50 years of experience the parent company - Hesse Germany. Thanks to such combination, we are able to meet the most extraordinary demands of our customers.



Examples of application


Elements of production equipment, electrical, heating, industrial, cooling, pneumatic and covering appliances, greenhouses, crates, elements of glass constructions, car body elements, structures for shops, frames for mattresses, swing doors, radiators and sound insulation.


History of the company

  • 1964 – establishment of Hesse Germany enterprise by Helmut Hesse

  • 1964 - 2016 – constant expansion of Hesse Germany enterprise at the space of 20.000 m²

  • 2004 – establishment of Hesse Poland branch

  • 2004 - 2016 - constant expansion of Hesse Poland branch

  • 2004 – Establishment of HESSE POLAND in Bydgoszcz

  • 2016 – expansion of Hesse Poland production through the purchase of two profiling machines, including automatic lines for tape perforation and finished profiles





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    • Bogdan Hernacki - - plant manager

    • Magdalena Wekka - - deputy plant manager

    • Izabela Betlejewska - - finances
    • Aneta Strzelewicz - - national sales

    • Bogusław Sądowski - - international sales

    • Wojciech Błoch - - production manager